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About omax3
OMAX3 Ultra-Pure Omega3 developed by physicians affiliated with Yale University, omax3 Ultra Pure is tested twice for purityand is free of contaminants, such as unwanted omega-6 fatty acids, mercury,lead or PCBs, that can be found in fish supplements.

omax3 Ultra-Pure is also gluten-free, and is optimally ballanced to support the body's normal inflammation response to achieve a balance of EPA and DHA.

OMAX3 Ultra-Pure Omega3 Supplement Review and Giveaway ends 8/24 Omax10

We all know not all Omega supplements are the same. With all the new supplements on the market how does one differentiate. To begin with some very important aspects to look for when searching for omega 3 supplements are purity and concentration. You want your supplement to be as pure as possible without the process used to obtain that purity affecting the supplement itself. With Omax3 you have no contaminants, like unwanted omega-6 fatty acids, mercury, lead or PCBs with can be found in some fish oil supplements on the market.

I found the soft-gels easy to swallow, digest and not once did I have any fish-burp or aftertaste just as they say. After trying different Omega 3 supplements I can definitely give OMAX3 Ultra-Pure Omega3 a 2 thumbs up when it comes to purity and concentration. In fact I was highly impressed that one dose of Omax3 (2 soft gels) is equivalent to the benefits one receives from eating 8.5 egg yolks or even 90 walnuts. Who really would want to eat all that? Imagine all the calories consumed. I love eggs and eat them all week but I certainly don’t want to eat that many in one day and when it comes to walnuts that is my least favorite nut. I consume lots of sardines to help with my omega-3 consumption but I know for a fact I can’t eat enough sardines in one week to acquire the equivalent I receive from 2 Omax3 Ultra-Pure soft-gels. The fact is I need supplements to make up for the lack of omega-3 in my diet and Omax3 makes that easy and is one I highly recommend if you are looking to fill your own needs.