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1 Scott Shared Values-Deals and Rewards on Fri Oct 26, 2012 2:30 pm


Current Offers

Scott® Free Admission Family Fun Pass, you get a free admission to your favorite attractions, such as miniature golf, go-carting, bowling, zoos, museums and many more. exp 12/31/12

GET $5 IN AMAZON MP3 CREDIT exp 1/31/13

GET THREE FREE RENTALS BY MAIL from Blockbuster Total Access

Fitness Pass offers a free 10-day trial to help you start achieving your health and fitness goals. Choose from thousands of locations geared up with cardio, strength and free weight equipment, to ensure you get the best possible workout. A free pass is the best way to help you decide if any of these clubs, including participating Anytime Fitness clubs, are right for you. Get yours today.

How do I join the SCOTT® Shared Values Program? Is there a membership fee? Sign up for FREE membership in the Program at www.scottbrand.com Follow the registration instructions and provide all required information to register.

I previously signed up at ScottBrand.com, so am I automatically enrolled in the SCOTT® Shared Values Program? Do I need to sign up again? Even if you have previously registered at the SCOTT® site, you will need to sign in and follow the instructions to complete the registration for the SCOTT® Shared Values Program at www.scottbrand.com.

How long will the SCOTT® Shared Values Program be available? The program is scheduled to end December 31, 2013; however, keep in mind that expiration of individual offers may vary, so always refer to the terms for the offer(s) you are interested in.

What is SCOTT® Shared Values? At SCOTT® brand we are all about bringing more value to your life. That’s why we created the SCOTT® Shared Values Program with unique deals and rewards for you and your family. Signing up is free and only takes a minute. From there you pick and choose what values are right for you.

What rewards are offered in the SCOTT® Shared Values Program? Current offers available to members are outlined at the Program web page, with instructions on how to select an offer.

Will the offers be updated? If so, how often? Offers will be made available throughout the Program period and you will be instructed at the Program web page how to select an offer. Expiration of individual offers may vary.

I’m not from the U.S. Can I participate in the SCOTT® Shared Values Program, or is it only available in the U.S.? We’re sorry; at this time, the SCOTT® Shared Values Program is open only to US residents, 18 years of age or older.

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