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1 Simple Christmas Treats and Ideas on Tue Dec 11, 2012 11:12 pm


Christmas doesn't have to be the most stressful holiday of the year. Here are some simple tricks to make your holiday a lot easier;

- Decorate upside-down waffle cones to make Christmas tree desserts.

- Make "Elf Cookies" using Cheerios.

- For a no-cook snack, make Santa strawberries. For recipe click here

- Freeze whipped cream dollops, they'll melt once placed into a hot mug of cocoa.

- Make Christmas lights with candy. Use as a cupcake topper, or string them around a cake. For instructions, click here.

- Use Christmas cookie cutters to make pancake shapes on Christmas morning.

- You can bake brownies in cookie cutters too.

- Easily turn store-bought doughnuts into fun treats for the kids. Click here for instructions.

- Simplest Christmas centerpiece EVER! Just add shiny peppermint candies to a tray.

- Build a Gingerbread house with graham crackers. For instructions click here. Click hereon how to make Royal Icing.

If you have any Christmas tricks and tips, please share them below.


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