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1 L’Oreal Gold Rewards: Exclusive Perks on Thu Feb 16, 2012 10:59 am



$2 Off L'Oréal Paris Hair Color Coupon as the Golden Monday Perk.

L’Oreal Products Gold Rewards login or register first, then go to where it say‘s enter your codes.
For the rewards program you will enter your codes and after 5 codes you will get a FREE product.

You can enter 2 of these codes below per month. When you reach 5 codes you get a FREE box of Hair Color

• Feria #36 HE192
• Feria #56 12G600
• Feria #67 12G400
• Superior Preference #4R Dark Auburn 12G401
• Preference shade 5 12F900
• Preference shade 5 HE288
• Preference shade 5 12G502
• Preference shade 5 12G606
• Preference shade 5A 12G800
• Preference shade 6 12H104
• Preference shade 6 12F509
* Sublime Mousse (20V): 30H204 , 30GN04, 30H102, 30H300
* Root Rescue: 12G403, 12G4UU,
* Superior Preference: 20V 12H401, 4A 12H401
* Superior Preference: 4a 12H500
* Feria: 25V 12G000
* 30gd00 – Sublime Mousse (Pure Light Blond Color #90)
* 12CN01 – Healthy Look Crème Gloss

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